Are You Prepared For Unwanted/Uninvited Guests?

Jan 01, 2016 (0) comment

I was talking recently to a friend whose whole sense of comfort was taken away from her when she returned home from a vacation. She arrived to a broken window, missing a TV, game systems and her grandmother’s very old wood-and-24K gold rosary beads. She began crying on the phone with me just talking about it.

There is no way to ever know where and when something like this might happen, but according to, a burglary occurs approximately every 13 seconds, and there are over 2 million occurrences reported every year in the United States. With such scary and unsettling statistics, I would like to share some ways to help you prepare and keep your home safe:

If you are a social networker, and are thinking of announcing to all your “friends” about your upcoming trip on Facebook, don’t do it! You are just begging for the wrong person to get hold of that information and be ready to strike.
Have a home security system installed. It has been proven that your home is 300% less likely to be broken into with one (
Ensure that all doors and windows in your home are shut and locked at all times. Have working deadbolts installed on doors and use them.
If you leave blinds open to let light in during the day while you are gone, do not leave anything you do not want someone to see in plain sight.
If leaving town for a vacation, ask a neighbor(s) you trust to keep an eye on your home for you, or have a friend or family member drive by to do so.
Leave a front/porch light on, as well as some lights throughout your home to appear as if someone is there.
Do not change your message on your answering machine (at home or at work) to state you are away on vacation.
Keep guns, ammunition, jewelry, and all important valuables in fireproof, locked safes, the most secure being those where a fingerprint or code is required to open it.
Keep trees and shrubs trimmed to help eliminate overgrown, unkempt hiding places for a burglar.
Take photos of all your possessions to help prove what was stolen/taken for the police report and insurance purposes. To help put together an inventory of everything/how much value you have in your home, you can use our Home Inventory Checklist. (You can also find the link on our Resources page.)

Don’t wait for your own tragedy to take action. My friend’s experience – hearing first hand how her recent nightmare affected her – has been a real wake-up call for me, and can be for you as well. Take a little time to think about what you have already have done and what more you can do to protect your home and belongings from a thief.

And if you are in need of insurance protection, please give us a call.

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