Closing Your Home for the Winter

If you head for warmer weather during the winter months, you’ll want to prepare your manufactured home for your absence. If you complete the list below, you’ll have little to dread when you return in the spring.

  • Loosen tie-downs slightly to allow for frost heaves.
  • Check your foundation piers. Make sure all shims are tight in the blocks.
  • Inspect siding to make sure it is secure. Recaulk where needed.
  • Check roof. If needed, replace damaged shingles or recoat a metal roof.
  • Weatherstrip and caulk windows, doors, vents and openings for water pipes.
  • Shut off water at the main. Drain water lines to prevent freezing. Open the faucets until dry. Because of flexible plumbing, pockets of water can be trapped in pipes. Blow out the lines with an air compressor (which you can rent). When finished, close faucets.
  • Flush toilet until empty. Pour RV antifreeze into the tank and stool, and into all drains with traps. Dilute antifreeze with water according to directions on the container. Make sure to use antifreeze that’s made for recreational vehicles – do not use antifreeze made for automobiles.
  • Turn off water heater and drain.
  • Unplug refrigerator, thoroughly clean, and prop open the door.
  • Unplug all electrical items, except lights on timers.
  • Turn furnace thermostat to 50 degrees.

It’s also important to prepare your home so would-be burglars don’t figure out it’s unoccupied. Please refer to Foremost’s theft prevention section for more information.