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When it comes to vacation homes (and home-buying in general) in 2014, there’s a new trend in town. The McMansion that has typified the American landscape the past 15-plus years may become less the rule and more the exception. The trend is Eco-Living, where terms like garage-Mahal and starter castle are giving way to: small-space living, tiny-homes, enviro-friendly, and minimal footprint.

Call it backlash, moral consciousness or a yen for simplicity. Whatever the reasons, more people are looking to live green, all the way down to the floorboards of their house – and their vacation homes.

I founded EcoCabins in my home state of Colorado, a green-minded state where outdoor lifestyle is king. People love the idea of a vacation home, but many can’t afford it, or don’t want the maintenance. EcoCabins are factory-built dwellings—but before you take a preconceived notion of what factory-built means and move on, I encourage you to keep reading and take a look at our site (

EcoCabins are high quality, eco-friendly factory-built custom homes. We offer sizes and models for the family with three small kids or the empty nesters who want to enjoy getting out of town. One example: Our “Park Models”, as they are known in the industry, are less than 400-sq. ft. cabins or cottages with peaked roofs that sit on a permanent chassis. They have removable wheels, axles and tongue. With optional lofts, they can sleep 6-8 comfortably!

These models are factory built, and are normally semi-permanently placed on rented, leased or purchased sites in campgrounds or RV resorts, and used as weekend retreats or vacation cottages. They are also an affordable option for land/home development on private property, guest rooms, mother in-law quarters, offices, studios, and much more.

We also offer modular, our portable Gypsy and other custom-built models. Our custom-built option is ideal for anyone who wants to see their vision made real—quickly, affordably and with less effort than the traditional building process. This is especially relevant as Baby Boomers retire in record numbers in terms of population (the “Silver Tsunami”) and want the scale back, but do it on their own terms. We’ve also partnered with resort communities to create eco-friendly and attractive places for people to live or get away. Naturally, we’re looking for partners all over the US who share our vision!

Our business philosophy is efficiency from start to finish. That includes the effort and time customers have to put into the ordering and placement process. Check out our website and get in touch with me if you’d like to know more 719-331.3630

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