Preparing for Your Mobile Home Insurance Inspection

Sep 01, 2013 (0) comment

Most insurance companies are now doing outside inspections when they issue a new homeowners policy for a mobile home. Normally, this is done within the first month after your policy is issued, but chances are you will not know when the inspector is going to show up.

What can you do to prepare before it happens? Here are some helpful tips:

Make sure your yard area is cleared of any personal items that someone could trip over, such as yard tools, toys, and appliances.
If you have a porch or deck, make sure that it is also clear of any excess clutter.
Any functional door to your home, front or back, should have steps leading down from it. Handrails should also be installed along the steps for safety.
If you have any tree branches touching your roof, they must be trimmed back for fire and storm safety reasons.
Repair any large holes or gaps in your skirting to prevent creatures of all sorts from getting underneath your home and causing extensive damage.

A little preparation in addressing these issues will improve your chances of a successful insurance inspection and will help keep you and your mobile home safe and secure.

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