Your Home is Temporarily Unlivable Due to Damage – Are You Covered?

Feb 10, 2016 (0) comment

The answer to that is yes! With all the recent damage from the terrible rainstorms in Colorado, many people found themselves without a place to call home. Temporary shelters filled very quickly with the widespread damage that was caused, and some homeowners may have had to pay for hotel stays.

Did you know that there is a type of coverage on all homeowner policies called “loss of use” or “additional living expenses” that many homeowners know nothing about? This coverage is specifically for an emergency situation in which your home is temporarily or permanently uninhabitable. Your loss, of course, must be a covered peril, so be aware of what your policy covers and does not cover.

This helps cover the costs you incur for temporary housing and other additional living expenses such as food, clothes, toiletries, etc., while you are waiting to return to your home or move into a new permanent home.

Understanding this very important part of your homeowners policy before disaster strikes is wise. In particular, you will want to know the dollar limit allowed per day, and the total maximum limit allowed, as all policies have a cap. Call your agent or review your policy today!

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